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We are the next gen of immersive film festivals.

Who We Are

Demetera International Film Festival is an annual event dedicated to independent filmmakers and artists from all over the world, celebrating culture and art.

Our mission

Our festival’s aim is to provide a place for filmmakers and artists who don’t necessarily have a large budget but interesting stories to share. We are eager to promote a wide variety of genres and styles to cinema fans and fellow international filmmakers and to establish a strong network for indie filmmakers, producers, and marketing professionals.





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Our values



Demetera is dedicated to independent filmmakers and artists from around the world, celebrating culture and art, thanks to our network and events.


Bold and innovative

We believe in committed, audacious and innovative cinema: works that stand out, by their originality of scenario or techniques and technologies used.



We believe that art and beauty have no boundaries. Cinema must not be confined to a given territory, and artists and directors must seek international recognition.


Our name

The name of our festival is inspired by the greek goddess Demeter of agriculture and, the harvest of cultivated and fertile land. Demetera is thus a symbol of fertility and sustainability.


Our logo

We are proud of Paris history and cultural dynamism. Our logo and visual identity are inspired by this cultural strength, hence the reference to Notre Dame rose window.



All our team members are passionate about cinema – and we all believe that tomorrow’s most creative artists will start their journey with short movies, probably the most experimental and enriching medium.

Meet The Team

How we got there

  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
Demetera 2019
First edition

November 2019

For our first year, Demetera International Short Film Festival took place at Les Grands Voisins in Paris – one of the most vibrant cultural venues at the time.

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Demetera 2020
Second edition

March 2020

For our second edition, we took our festival online, due to the pandemic. During this one week of live content, we recieved around 12000 unique views on our official selected films.

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Demetera 2021
Third edition

March 2021

Following the success of our second edition, we continued to hold our festival online - the pandemic still being present. We received around 1000 submissions, and totalized 20000 unique views during our one week event.

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Demetera 2022
Fourth edition

March 2022

Our fourth edition took place at the emblematic cinema Christine Paris Cinema Club, open since 1973 in the heart of Paris. 27 films were projected over two evenings.

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Demetera 2023
Fifth edition

March 2023

This will be our most groundbraking edition. Join us, in our metaverse for a unique experience.

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